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Hi, I'm Michelle, an Executive Assistant turned Productivity Conjurer. I help business owners calm the chaos and get back to loving what they do.





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About me:

I'm a wife, a mother, and a jack-of-all-trades with a strong growth mindset. When I'm not behind the desk as an Operations Magician, I'm making memories with my family, reading lots of books, and trying to learn new things every single day.

My career in the administrative field started with my first job as a high-school intern at seventeen years old and quickly grew into an Executive Assistant career in variety of industries. I've had the opportunity to gain exposure to many different business areas, personalities, and work environments that have lead me to become a catch-all with the confidence, skills, and resourcefulness to take on almost any task or project.

Over the years supporting multiple executives and small businesses and their hectic schedules and workloads (along with my own), as well as their teams and entire facilities, I developed a knack for finding ways to get organized and automate repetitive processes. It's turned into a full-blown passion that now bleeds into (and greatly benefits) my personal life as well!

I have three main beliefs that guide my work:

• There are always ways to do things more efficiently.
• A well-organized inbox, robust task management system, and efficient workflow are invaluable tools for boosting productivity.
• An effective operations manager is key to running your business like a well-oiled machine.

I love seeing businesses thrive and accomplish their goals—it's seriously fulfilling! I'd be thrilled to chat with you, learn more about what you want to achieve, and where you're facing challenges. My passion for organization is ready to help you refocus on growing your business!

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